Term & Conditions

Terms of service
Please read these terms and conditions carefully. The following terms apply to your use and access to the platform. (As specified below) and use of the Service.

Access to and use of sections that use the protection code and / or platform security. And / or use of the service is limited to customers with user accounts. You must not access or attempt to access such part of the platform. And / or services. Or any other information that is protected. Not allowed By any means that we do not intend to use for your particular purpose. Violation of this provision may be an offense under the Computer Abuse Act BE 2550 of Thailand.

If you are under the age of 18: You must obtain the consent of your parent or legal guardian. Your acceptance of these Terms of Service and your agreement to be responsible for: (1) your actions; (2) any service fees associated with your use of the Service. Or purchases of goods and (3) Your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms of Service if you do not have parental consent. Or your legal guardian You must stop using / accessing. Platforms and services.

1. Definition and interpretation

Unless otherwise specified, the definitions and terms of interpretation set forth in Attachment 1 shall apply to the terms of this Service.

2. Use of the Services and / or Platform Access in general

2.1 Platform Implementation Guideline and / or services: you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct including all policies and instructions regarding the use of the service and/ or platform access. Any amendments thereto, may occasionally apply to us. We reserve the right to improve our practices, notices, procedures, and procedures and such policies and instructions at any time. You acknowledge and agree to any such changes as they are published on the platform.

2.2 Forbidden Activities: You agree and undertake not to:
( A)  fake a person or entity; or to identify false words or deceive others by any means in relation to any person or entity.
( B) Use of platforms or services for unlawful purposes
( C) attempt to access without permission or interfere with any other computer or network connected to the platform or service.
( D) Post, promote, or transmit any prohibited material through the platform or service.
( E) interfere with the use and use of the platform or service by others.
( F) use or upload any software or documentation that contains or have reason to suspect as a virus, including damaged components or malicious code that may cause the platform to crash or break down. Or otherwise damage or interfere with the operation of another customer's computer or mobile device.
 ( G) use any platform or service other than in accordance with the applicable usage policy of the connected network.

2.3 Platform and Service Availability: We may make, modify, suspend or discontinue service or remove any platform or service. At some point without giving any reason or advance notice.

2.4 Content Tracking Rights: We reserve the right at our sole discretion, but not the obligation to:

( A) monitor, screen, screen, or otherwise control any activity, content or material on the platform and / or service; We may investigate any breach of any of the terms and conditions set forth herein and may take any action at its sole discretion, at our discretion.

( B) prevent or restrict access to the platform and/ or customer service.
( C) Report any activity that we suspect is violating the law.
( D) request information from you regarding the use of the Service. And / or access to your platform at any time and exercise our rights under this article if you refuse to provide information. And / or if you give, or we have reason to believe that you provide fraudulent information

2.5 Privacy Policy: Your use of service and / or access to platform is subject to the Privacy Policy as set forth on the website.

2.6 Terms and Conditions of Trading Terms and Conditions of Cash Cards: Any purchase of goods is governed by the Terms and Conditions of Trading. If you use a cash card, the terms and conditions of the cash card specified below will apply.

2.7 Additional Terms: In addition to these Terms and Conditions: The use of documents, information and services on one particular side which could possibly be more detailed or updated version of the information provided by us or by our subcontractors may be subject to additional terms and conditions. This will be effective in all respects.

3. Use of Service

3.1 APPLICABLE TERMS In this clause, in addition to the terms and conditions of this Terms of Service: The terms in Clause 3 are additional terms and conditions applicable to your use of the Services.

3.2 Restrictions: Use of the Services is limited to authorized customers. A person who has reached the age of maturity and has the legal capacity to enter into a contract under any applicable law. Any customer who violates or is in breach of the terms and conditions herein and any customer who has been suspended whether permanent or temporary may not be able to use the service even if it complies with clause 3.2 .

3.3 General Terms and Conditions:
You agree:
( A) to access and / or use the Services for lawful purposes only and in a lawful manner at all times. You also agreed to carry out any related activities with integrity.
( B) to certify that any information about the service you post or make on the platform is accurate and does not violate any applicable law and will be responsible for such information and information.

3.4 Product Description: Although we try our best to provide accurate information and details of products, we do not guarantee that such details will be accurate, current, or error free.

3.5 Price of product: Selling price is subject to tax unless explicitly stated otherwise. We reserve the right to change prices at any time without prior notice or notice.

3.6 Third Party Seller: You acknowledge that the counterparty, other than Anello (ie, a third party vendor), posts and sells such third party merchandise. Information that the product has been released for sale on the platform by Beatrix or a third party vendor. It may be on the webpage where the item is listed. To avoid confusion, each agreement is made for the sale of third-party vendors to the customer. It is a contract made directly between third-party vendors and customers. It is also subject to the terms and conditions of the purchase.

4. Customers who have an account with Anello

4.1 Username / Password: Some services that are available on the platform may be required for you to create an account with us or provide your personal information. If you would like to create an account with us, the username and password may be: (1) considered and issued to you by us; or ( 2) you are the party providing and we endorse in our sole discretion with respect to the use of the Service and / or access to related platforms. We may ask you to update your personal information or cancel your username and / or password immediately at any time, at our sole discretion. Without prior reason or notice, and without liability or responsibility for any loss.  You agree to change your password from time to time and keep your username and password confidential and will be responsible for the security of your account and liability for any disclosure or use (whether such use is authorized or not). You must notify us immediately if you have reason to believe that your username is confidential and / or password may be disclosed or used by the user without permission, or if your personal information needs improvement. We expect your notice to be processed by us seven ( 7) business days after the notice has been received.

4.2 REFERENCES TO USE OR ACCESS: You agree and acknowledge that your use of the Service and / or any access to the platform, and any information, communications or communications referring to your username and password, as the case may be:
( A) access to, and / or use of, the relevant platform and / or service;
( B) It is information, communication or communication that is transmitted or otherwise disposed of by you.

At any time, you agree to be bound by the platform access, and / or use of any service (whether or not such access or use is authorized by you). Except for unauthorized access to any platform after we have received unauthorized use of your username and / or password. According to clause 4.1), you agree that we have the right (but not obligation) to take action based on or ask you to be responsible and liable solely on such acts or doing. You agree to indemnify us for all losses resulting from any use of the Service and / or access to the platform. This can be a reference to your username or password.


5. Intellectual Property

5.1 Ownership: Intellectual Property in the platform and Proprietary Data Documents are licensed to or controlled by us. Our licensors and our service provider reserve the right to enforce intellectual property rights to the fullest extent permitted by law.

5.2 Limitation of Use: Reproduction is strongly prohibited including reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, distribute, republish, display, broadcast, perform, link, mirror, transfer or otherwise transmit in any manner or by any means or in the information search system. Or install on a server, system, or device without our prior written consent or from the respective copyright owner. Subject to clause 5.3, the license will only permit you to download, print, or use the materials for personal use and not for commercial purposes. And you must not modify the data sheet that we or the copyright owner, still own the copyrights and other proprietary rights contained in such documentation.

5.3 Trademarks: Trademarks have the meaning as set forth in the appendix to this contract. Nothing on the platform and under these Terms of Service will be interpreted as licensing. Not implicitly by law, consent, or to be entitled to use in any other way. (Including any metadata or "express" links to any other website), which are trademarks of their respective owners. Without written consent from us or from any other relevant trademark owner.

6. Limitation of responsibility and liability of us

6.1 Does not endorse or guarantee the service and information platform. The guidelines provided "as is " and " as available " information and / or information that are contained in documents or data service platform is provided for informational purposes only. No representations or warranties of any kind, whether by default, or by express provisions, including any warranties of non-infringement of third party ownership, the ability to trade. We do not guarantee:
( A) the good at self-sufficiency in commercial value or completeness of information contained in documents or data service platform.
( B) that the service platform or any information will be provided without interruption secure or free from error or omission , or any defect identified will be corrected.
( C) that the documents or data service platform are free of computer viruses or ID made with malicious intent, code that causes destruction or code that causes crash.
( D) the security of any information transmitted by you or to you through the platform or service, you accept the risk that any information sent or received through the service, or platforms may be accessed by outsiders who are not allowed.

6.2 Exclusion of liability: who received a refund of Anello not be liable to you for any losses that occur. (Irrespective of the form of action) arising directly or indirectly involved.
( A) access, use and / or inability to use the platform. Or services
( B) reliable data or information contained in any platform. And / or through the Service You should not act upon this information, or information that does not validate the accuracy of the content on their own first.
( C) any system, server or connection failure, error, omission caused the outages, delays, computer viruses or other destructive or malicious code that causes crash any other malicious issues.
( D) the use or access of any web site or any other web page linked to the platform. Though we, or an officer or agent or employee of, or we might have been expected that the possibility of such matters.

6.3 At your own risk: the risk of misleading the crash, damage, costs or losses resulting from any use of the platform is at your own risk altogether. We will not take any liability in such cases.

7. Link warnings and advertisements.

7.1 Link: For the convenience of guests, we may include links to the websites on the Internet or other content that is owned or operated by third parties. Website or the content of such links are not under our control, so we shall not be liable for any errors, delays, omissions discredit insults deception something offensive, obscene desecration. The linked site, any links to any website or any other content does not confirm or endorse the site or such content. You agree that your access to or use of the site or the content of such links is at your own risk altogether.

7.2 Advertising: We may attach a banner and / or any other information with the platform to capitalize on the ad services, or third party vendor. For the avoidance of confusion, you are not entitled to receive fees and / or commissions in connection with any advertisement of any such documents or data products and other services.

8. The data and information.

8.1 Transmission by you: you grant us a non-specific by using documents, data or information that you submit to the platform. And / or given us including but not limited to questions, comments, reviews and suggestions (collectively, the " transmission data ") when you post a comment or review on the platform. You authorize us to use your data or applications associated with the reviews, comments, or other content, you must not use fake email addresses.

8.2 Consent to receive e-mail: You acknowledge and to allow us to use any information you provide. (Including personal information) in order to send information or promotions to you. Your agreement to the terms of Clause 8.2 is considered as your consent for the purpose of providing a law regulating spam of any kind, you may opt to receive promotional emails.

9. Cancellation

9.1 Cancellation by us: in our sole discretion. Upon notice to you, cancellation is effective immediately. We may deactivate platform and / or service and / or suspend your username and password. We may cancel your access to the platform and / or (Or portion thereof) for any reason whatsoever, including any breach of this service or if we believe you have violated or acted inconsistent with the terms or any terms set out herein if in our opinion of any regulatory agency is not appropriate to continue to allow services on the platform.

9.2 Cancellation by your side: You may cancel the terms of service of this notice by seven ( 7) days written.

10. Notices

10.1 Notice of our announcement and other communications will be:
( A) communicated through electronic media or any of us will be deemed to have let you know the date of publication or broadcast.
( B) sent by mail or delivered to the address of the last person we know. It is considered to be told in the next day or sent on leave notice it.

10.2 Notice to you: You may have to give notice in writing to us at the address or email address that we set only at 88 The Parq Building, 12th Fl., Ratchadaphisek Road, Klongtoey Subdistrict, Klongtoey District, Bangkok  or at the customer@anello.co.th We will assume that notice read only when we have received it. While we make every effort to respond to your notice immediately, we can not guarantee that we will respond as quickly as possible every time.

10.3 Another way: regardless of Clause 10.1 and 10.2 times, we may impose an alternative method acceptable to the notice. (Including but not limited to email or other forms of electronic communication), time or event that is considered the notice has been received.

11. General specifications

11.1 Rights and remedies cumulative: Unless specified otherwise in a condition of using this service, the rights and remedies under our Terms of Service may be cumulative without prejudice to the rights and holds more or any remedies we may have under the law or justice. The seller does not take any rights or remedies under the terms of this service or the law or justice. Except as expressly set forth in the Terms of Service or the law or the Equity if any) will not hinder or impede the exercise of the rights or remedies in any other law or justice.

11.2 No Waiver: We are not governed by the Terms of Service that will not constitute a waiver of this condition. We retain the right to exercise rights and remedies in any other situation where you commit a breach of the Terms of Service.

11.3 Fragmented: When any provision of these Terms of Use shall become unlawful or incomplete or can not be enforced in any case, legality, integrity and enforcement, the rest of the terms of this agreement will not be affected, or to discredit. And remain in effect as if the following requirements are incomplete or may not have been forced to separate terms and conditions in this trading.

11.4 Rights of Third Parties: The individual or entity that is not a party to the Terms of Service. There is no right under the law of any jurisdiction to enforce the terms of the service that is not in either, regardless of whether a person or agency was named. As a member of the group matched the profile to avoid any doubt,  there is no body in this article that shall affect the rights of the assignee or transferee by the likes of which the conditions for using this service.

11.5 Governing law: applications, platforms and / or services. Terms of Service will be governed and interpreted by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand, exclusive to jurisdiction of the courts of the Kingdom of Thailand.

11.6 The temporary protection: we may seek injunctive relief if we consider it in good faith that the breach of contract or failure to meet the requirements and consider it by issuing restraining order to temporarily suspend or otherwise remedy the breach or failure to meet the requirements just like the only reasonable and adequate.

11.7 Amendment: When a notice through the platform or by other means to inform you what we have set. (Which may include a notice via e-mail), we may change the terms and conditions of this Terms of Service. Such changes will become effective on the day that we identified through such methods. If you use a platform or service after that date, constitutes your acceptance of such amendments, you must stop the use or application platform and services.

11.8 Editing mistake: we shall not be liable for any errors in the document publication, any errors or omissions in any response invoicing or other documents on our part are subject to revision.

11.9 Currency: referred to under the terms of the service is Baht Thailand, which must be used before the foreign currency.

11:11 Contract Total: Conditions of Use constitutes the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the matters herein and replacement of understanding, communications and the terms of a previously concerning matters herein.

11:12 binding and final: You acknowledge and agree that any records (including records of telephone conversations about any service if any) retained by us or our services related to or associated with platform to be final in any case, and the evidence is final with respect to such information. And / or any data that is sent between us and you. You agree that all such records can be used as evidence and he will not accept the argument or dispute to use as evidence. The reliability or accuracy of such records is only true because they are in electronic form or data obtained from the computer system.

11.13 The contract period and commissioning: We reserve the right to assign or subcontract obligations in connection with any of our platforms and / or services; and reserve the right to use the service with subcontractor And / or any representative of the conditions that we deem appropriate.

11.14 Assignment: You may not assign your rights under the terms of this service without prior consent in writing from us. We may transfer our rights under the terms of this service to third parties any time.

11.15 Force Majeure: We shall not be liable for failing to comply with our obligations under the Terms of Service. (Or any part of such conditions) or inaccuracies. Unreliable Inappropriate or any of the content of the platform and / or services if, in whole or in part whether directly or indirectly, events or errors beyond our reasonable control.
Attachment 1

Definitions and Interpretation

1. Definition: Unless the context requires otherwise. The following words have the following meanings in these terms.

1.1 " customer " has the same meaning as the terms and conditions of trading.

1.2 " Intellectual Property " means all copyrights, patents, inventions, utility. Trademarks and service marks, geographical indication domain name rights to the design layout. The rights listed in the database right, Trade names and business, the right to protect trade secrets and confidential information, the right to protect the value of the goodwill and reputation, other rights owned by them in the same way, and an application for registration in all the things mentioned above. Whether existing now or in the future no matter where, whether registered or not. The claim for damages and claim of relief or other remedies for infringement or misappropriation of any violation of any such rights.

1.3 " Users get a refund of Anello " refers to Anello: officers, directors, agents, employees, contractors and the assignee of all Anello.

1.4 " Anello," " we ," " our " and " us " ( the object of the sentence) represents Minor Fashion Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of Thailand. Registration number   0105554131076 with office located at 88 The Parq Building, 12th Fl., Ratchadaphisek Road, Klongtoey Subdistrict, Klongtoey District, Bangkok

1.5 " Price Sale " means the price of goods displayed for sale to customers. As stated on the platform

1.6 " loss " refers to the adjusted net loss amounted to repay the cost (including fees and expenses, of the Law on Lawyers) Fee costs, litigation, claims the repayment. And other liability, whether foreseeable or not . "

1.7 " Data " means the overall web page they are on the platform. Including information links, images, videos, audio, graphics, software, applications, documents, photos, and other information displayed or listed on the platform and the work or services provided on the platform.

1.8 " Order " means the order of the transmission platform with the conditions and terms of trade.

1.9 " Password " means the password is correct, the customer has an account with Anello. May be used together with the username to access the platform and / or related services.

1.10 " personal information " means any information, whether true or not. Which can be used to identify, contact or identify your location. Personal information may include your name. e-mail address The address for sending the bill. The address for delivery telephone number And credit card information Personal information shall be deemed to include any information you provide to us when placing the order. Regardless of whether you have an account with us or not.

1.11 " platform " means: (a) the version of the web and mobile sites operated and / or owned by Anello and (b) an application of open mobile services. over time by Anello's version of the iOS and Android.

1.12 " Privacy Policy " means the privacy policy stated on the website.

1.13 " Goods " means the goods (including goods in installments or any part of such goods) which are for sale to customers on the platform.

1.14 " document forbidden " means information, data, graphics, photographs and / or any other information.
( A) contains software viruses or any other code or macros that threaten or damage.
( B) violates a third party's intellectual property or proprietary rights of any other.
( C) defamatory, slanderous or threatening.
( D) a material breach of offensive, obscene, fraudulent, stolen or hazard is unlawful under the relevant laws and / or.
( E) could be interpreted or misinterpreted as aggression or attack others. And / or offensive In our opinion alone.

1.15 " Services " means the information and functionality that we make available on the platform.

1.16 " submission " to the definition in Article 8.1 of the Terms of Service.

1.17 " Terms of trade " means the terms and conditions applicable to the purchases of customers.

1.18 " Terms of Use " refers to the preamble clause 1 of Article 11 and the Annex of any of these terms and conditions.

1:19 " trademark " means the trademark. service mark Trade names and logos used and displayed on the platform. Whether registered or unregistered. And a bed of mint or of any third party.

1.20 " username " is the name or unique identifier code to log on as an indicator of customers who have an account with mint bed.

1.21 " full cash value " refers to a card instead of cash for credit could be used by customers. Subject 

to the terms and conditions of the other cards instead of cash. Other Terms and Conditions Payments to trade on the platform.

1:22 " terms and conditions of the coupon ."
Set out below

1.23 " you " and " your " refers to persons aged 18 years or otherwise be under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

2. Interpretation: Any reference in terms of using this service to any provision of law to be interpreted by reference to that provision as amended. Enacted or extended at the relevant contract, whenever the word " includes " or " including " to be followed by the words " without limitation " unless expressly so. According to provision, the number of days mean calendar days, and the word "month " or " monthly ."  including  number of months shall mean a calendar month.
The terms and conditions of the coupon

1. The terms and conditions below ( " Terms ") will apply to the use and recall promotional coupons or discount coupon codes. The coupons will be offered to you without compensation.

2. The discount coupon can only be used on the website. An application of  Anello mobile only.

3. Use discount coupons, discount coupons will be available on the payment confirmation page on the website.

4. Discount coupon can only be used one time only.

5. You can use coupons to 1 times per day.

6. I, Anello reserves the right to cancel or change your order. Or withdraw the discount coupon codes. If the coupon was used in the incident below.

A. On the suspicious or fraudulent coupons.

B. The use of discount coupons in the wrong context. The event includes a discount coupon code that was used by many accounts, on Anello. or made payment several times by the same customer or group of customers.

C. Coupons deliberately dishonest. (Including sold-out discount coupons) or coupons to orders with the intent to take the coupons to sales.

7. Unless stated otherwise, discount coupons or promotional discounts can not be combined with other promotions or discounts. Unless it's already discounted goods Anello.

8. The terms and conditions are specified on the coupon code discount (such period , the amount of the discount , and selected items) and the coupon code discount that will be subject to the Terms & Conditions. as noted by the recall.

9. Discount coupons can not be exchanged for cash.

10.  Anello reserves the right to change the terms. Or cancel the promotion at any time and without notice.


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