Pick up at store

Pick up at store

Anello innovates the new way to shop with ease with pick up at the store.


How can I pay for pick up at store service?

The payment for pick up at store service is ready for credit cards payment only. Once you purchase the item, the system will charge directly to your credit card of your choice.


Is there any additional charges to use pick up at the store service?

No, there are no additional charges.


When can I pick up my order?

You can pick up your order within 7 days after your purchase. 


How to pick up items?

You can pick up your order within 7 days after the purchase. The customer service from anello will contact you if the stock ran out.

When picking up the order, please show your ID card or the order number to the store for confirmation. The store will print out 2 copies of receipts, one for the store and another for you to sign. Please save this document as evidence of purchase.

In case you cannot pick up the order yourself, you can have someone else pick up the order in your stead. Your representative must bring a copy of your ID card in order to confirm the pick up.


Can I exchange/cancel the order?

  • Once you confirmed the purchase, you cannot change or edit the order.
  • If you would like to cancel, you can do so at the store front or in person by calling Tel. 02-365-6179 

Can I refuse to take the products after purchase?

If the product has defects or is not what you ordered, you can cancel the order with the officer at the store front. The company will process a refund for you within 45-60 days according to the company’s rules and regulations.


What happens if I pick up the order late?

If you cannot pick up the order within 7 days as stated in the confirmation email, the order will be cancelled right away. An officer will contact you prior to the cancellation.

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