Payment Method

Payment Method

Customer is entitled to make a payment pursuant to the five payment methods as stated on bemynt website. Terms and conditions are applicable to each method of payment and shall be applicable to any purchase made.

Debit/Credit Card

bemynt accepts Debit and Credit Card, both Visa and MasterCards. Customers can be sure that their important data such as credit card information and personal details (name, address, and so on) will not be accessed without permission by an unwanted third party while they are doing the transactions on the site.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Cash on Delivery (COD) or payment of cash upon delivery is available in Bangkok and upcountry only. Goods shall only be handed over to the customer upon complete payment of cash by the customer. No minimum or maximum purchase is required for COD services. A COD charge of 40THB shall be applied for each delivery.

If a customer fails to make a payment pursuant to the terms and conditions as stated, bemynt reserves the right to cancel or suspend the delivery of goods until a full payment is made.

* Customers are advised to provide exact change to minimize complications at delivery.


Over-the-counter option is available in Seven Eleven and Counter Services outlets. A payment fee of 15THB shall be applied per transaction, and a full payment must be made within 12 hours of


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